The wallet has become an everyday essential for men, and is something that we subconsciously reach for as part of our 'check out' list before we leave the home, but it wasn't always this way.

The actual word "wallet" has been used by people sine the late 14th century, and it referred to a bag used for carrying items in. In modern day history the term "wallet" has always referred to a flat case used for carrying paper money, and dates back to 1834. 

A brief history

Ancient Greece

It has been supported by the classicist A.Y.Campbell, that in ancient literature, the wallet was used as a poor man's larder, or a thing that stocked ones provisions, and acted as a mans survival pack. 

The Renaissance

After the introduction of paper money in the West, around 1690, wallets were developed and introduced as ways to carry ones paper money easily. Previous to paper money, coin pouches were used to store ones coins, and were usually made from cow or horse leather. 

The 19th Century

By the 19th century a wallet had evolved to now include the carrying of dried meats, treasures, and things that people wanted to keep private. These wallets were originally used by early Industrial Americans, and would often be worn on ones belt. 

The Present Day

The wallet has seen a few changes over the decades, but a couple of things remain the same, including the use of card slots and pockets for paper money. Some changes include the use of velcro to keep wallets closed (introduced in the 1970's) as well as moving between bi and tri-folding wallets. Shapes have usually stayed similar with a small rectangular shape being the most common, but large rectangle wallets have also seen an increase and are suitable for jacket pockets, and hold chequebooks perfectly). 

Wallets with character

Wallets now come in a range of styles, designs and materials, including plastic, leather, and faux leather. For a wallet that really stands out, buyers can look to find one with a unique pattern, drawing or phrase on the front, such as these Bad Mother Fucker wallets. Certainly something to help you stand out from the crowds.